Skew Image without using OpenCV library

In this blog, you will find steps to skew an image without using OpenCV. Skewing is a geometrical transformation of an image where we can change the appearance of the image by using small matrix operations.

Effect of the transformation:

  • squares become parallelograms
  • y coordinates skew to the right
  • x coordinates stay the same

In python, the image axis is not as per the conventional X-Y axis. Below is the pictorial representation of rows and columns.

Let’s consider ROW as X-axis and COL as Y-axis. If we skew with respect to the ROW (X-axis), we will find a shape like shown in Image-2. Similarly, if we skew with respect to COL(Y-axis), we will find observations like shown in Image-3.

Skew Image without using OpenCV library

Effect of shearing along X-axis.

Skew Image without using OpenCV library

To shear an image, we have to multiply the below matrix to each point to skew the image.

Skew Image without using OpenCV library


import math
from PIL import Image
import numpy as np
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt

class ICV_shearImage:

    def ICV_degreeToRadian(self, degree):
        Convert degree to radian
        :param degree: degree
        :return: radian
        return degree * np.pi / 180.0

    def ICV_getImageMidPoints(self, image):
        This method returns image midpoints
        :param image:
        :return: x_mid, y_mid
        height, width, num_channels = image.shape
        y_mid = width / 2
        x_mid = height / 2
        return x_mid, y_mid

    def ICV_skew_XY(self, angle, x, y):
        This method implements the tangent rule to X and Y
        :param angle:
        :param x: X coordinate
        :param y: Y coordinate
        :return: new_x and new_y
        radian = self.ICV_degreeToRadian(angle)
        tangent = 1 / math.tan(radian)
        #new_x = round(x + (y * tangent))
        #new_y = y
        new_x = x
        new_y = round(y + (x * tangent))
        return new_x, new_y

    def ICV_shear(self, image, angle, newimage):
        Shear the new image
        :param image: Original Image matrix
        :param angle: Degree
        :param newimage: New image matrix
        :return: New image

        x_mid, y_mid = self.ICV_getImageMidPoints(image)
        newimage_x_mid, newimage_y_mid = self.ICV_getImageMidPoints(newimage)

        for row in range(0,image.shape[0]):
            for col in range(0,image.shape[1]):
                y_prime = y_mid - col
                x_prime = x_mid - row
                x_new, y_new = self.ICV_skew_XY(angle, x_prime, y_prime)

                xdist = int(newimage_x_mid - x_new)
                ydist = int(newimage_y_mid - y_new)
                if < newimage.shape[0] and ydist < newimage.shape[1]:
                    newimage[xdist, ydist, :] = image[row, col, :]

        return newimage

    def ICV_canvasSize(self, image, degree):
        Generate Canvas to hold skewed image
        :param image: Image
        :param degree: Degree
        :return: Place holder to contain skewed image
        row, col, num_channels = image.shape
        radian = self.ICV_degreeToRadian(degree)
        new_y_value = round(row + (col * (1 / math.tan(radian))))
        skewed_image_canvas = np.zeros((row, new_y_value, 3))
        print("Skewed Image shape:", row, new_y_value)
        return skewed_image_canvas

    def ICV_plotImage(self, newImage, name):
        This method plots the new image
        :param newImage:
        :return: Null
        plt.margins(0, 0)

        output_image = Image.fromarray(newImage.astype("uint8"))
        plt.savefig("output_image_skewed"+name+".jpg",bbox_inches='tight', pad_inches=0)

def main():
    shearimage = ICV_shearImage()
    image ='name.jpg')
    image = np.asarray(image)
    row, col, num_channels = image.shape
    print("Actual Image Shape:", row,col)

    degree = 30
    skewed_image_canvas = shearimage.ICV_canvasSize(image, degree)
    newImage_30 = shearimage.ICV_shear(image, degree, skewed_image_canvas)
    shearimage.ICV_plotImage(newImage_30, "30")

if __name__ == "__main__":


In this blog, you learned how to skew an image using python and skew an image without using OpenCV library. In the case of any queries please comment below.

#Skew Image without using OpenCV library

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