Top 5 Data Science courses

Top 5 Data Science courses.

Here is the list of best data science courses that is available online.

  1. Coursera:“Data Science Essentials”
    1. Duration: 6 weeks
    2. Price: Varies depending on the program and certificate option
    3. Instructor: Team of instructors from Microsoft
    4. Link:
  2. Udemy:“Data Science A-Z™: Real-Life Data Science Exercises Included”
    1. Duration: Self-paced
    2. Price: $194.99 (subject to change)
    3. Instructor: Kirill Eremenko, a data science consultant and instructor
    4. Link:
  3. edX:“Data Science Fundamentals”
    1. Duration: 4-6 weeks
    2. Price: Free (paid certificate option available)
    3. Instructor: Instructors from Microsoft and the Microsoft Professional Program for Data Science
    4. Link:
  4. DataCamp:“Introduction to Data Science”
    1. Duration: Self-paced
    2. Price: $25/month (subscription required)
    3. Instructor: Team of data science experts from DataCamp
    4. Link:
  5. Kaggle: “Data Science Micro-Courses”
    1. Duration: Self-paced
    2. Price: Free (certificate fee for some courses, premium subscription available)
    3. Instructor: Experienced data scientists and machine learning practitioners from Kaggle and the wider data science community
    4. Link:

Lets us know your views about these courses in the comment section and suggest if any course you feel should be in the list.

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